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10 Declarations for Women Learned from Women of the Bible

1. I am a woman and I was made to be a good thing and am favored by God.

2. I am fertile ground and an incubator of life, hope and legacy

3. I feast on the bread of life which prepares me to carry the vision of God within me

4. I reject any distractions that will interfere with the vision God deposited in me

5. I will wait on God to bring forth the vision in due season

6. I am a laborer and nurturing of the vision

7. I will not abort nor will I give up on the vision

8. I will see the fruits of my labour come into its fullness

9. I will not be a hindrance but allow the vision to serve its purpose.

10. I will submit my vision to God and trust that He will keep and protect it.

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