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5 Steps To Accomplishing Your Purpose

Step 1 - Identify Your Purpose

If you are living your life without a purpose you are living an empty life. Our purpose is written all around us, it is a part of our make-up. The bible gives us several clues in helping us to live a purpose filled life and once we pursue these, it will allow us to identify our spiritual purpose towards God.

If you are a woman, one of your purpose is to incubate, nurture and reproduce. Being fruitful is a part of your purpose

As a wife, your purpose is to be a help meet to your husband

As a child, your purpose is to honor your parents

As a mother, your purpose is to train, love, nurture, discipline, manage

As a Christian your purpose is to seek God first, evangelize, lead by example, love and be the light of the world

As a friend our purpose is to treat other the way we would want to be treated

As an employee our purpose is tied to accomplishing the goals of the company

Our purpose can also be tied to our gifting

No matter who you are you can live on/in purpose.

Step 2 - Control Your Desire

Allow your purpose to check your desire; meaning if I know what my purpose is, if my desire is driving me away from accomplishing that purpose then I need to check that desire. King Saul had a purpose but he allowed his desire to please the people drive him away from accomplishing His purpose in honoring God in his position. That desire can be anything, the desire for money, power, love can cause an individual to compromise on what God intended for them to do.

Step 3- A purposed filled desire gives clarity to your Direction

When you allow your purpose to dictate or control your desire, you will have clarity in the direction you need to take in life. During the direction step, it is good to look at the gifts that God has equipped you with and to evaluate whether additional training is needed to accomplish the purpose in you.

Step 4- Faith

You must believe in your purpose in order to pursue it. If you do not believe that this is your true purpose then you will not have faith to believe that you can accomplish it.

Hebrews 11:1 says 'Now FAITH is substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

Step 5- Works

When you understand your PURPOSE, line your DESIRE up to pursue your purpose, you will get clarity in the way you should go, but in order to accomplish it you must have the FAITH to believe that you can accomplish it. When you decide to move forward and step out to pursue your PURPOSE, only then can you accomplish what God has intended for you. You must work towards your purpose in order for it to come to past.

James 2: 17 Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead. 24 You see then that a man is justified by works, and not by faith only.

For example: If I need to get some groceries down the street, I must get there through movement if I stay at home the groceries will not walk to me, so I must go and get it.

Live on Purpose!

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