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10 emotional traps that believers fall in that can cost them their earthly promise

An important lesson to learn from Moses is, no matter how diligent you serve, if you allow your emotional condition to cause you to react to the frustrations of life, contrary to the Word of God when serving His purpose, you will not cross over into your earthly promise. Although Moses purpose was to lead God's people into the promise land, he missed it by not following all that God had instructed; although God favored him, he could not take part in the promise.

This was the second instance in which Moses did not do as God had instructed, the first was in circumcising his son, which God had intended to kill him, but was saved because his wife interceded on his behalf. Circumcision of the Jewish male was a criteria in receiving the promise that God made to Abram in Genesis. See previous blog on "Protect the Promise to Fulfill the Vision link below

Reference: Numbers 20:8, Deuteronomy 3:23-25, 34:4-5

1. Allowing your current emotional condition to dictate your future position

2. Allowing your relationship with people to dictate your position of faith in God

3. Allowing your present circumstance to dictate how you minister God's truth

4. Being overly concerned about how people see you instead of how God sees you

5. Seeking support from like-minded believers instead of believers with their mind on God

6. Mixing your emotional state with the Word of God to justify operating in a faithless way

7. Allowing your love and desire to please people to dictate your position on the Word of God, instead of allowing the Word to speak for itself

8. Reacting out of an emotional place instead of walking by the Spirit of God

9. Using your current position of authority to rob God of the glory that He demands in a dry situation

10. Confusing an emotional reaction to a situation as the will of God in that situation.

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