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12 insights to help women encourage the men in their life

1. I know that your actions should be subjected to God and decisions made by you. (Gen 1:16,17)

2. I see you were created first because you were meant to lead the way. (Gen 2:7)

3. I see that God created you a man to tend to the things around you. (Gen 2:15)

4. I see that God has equipped you naturally and spiritually with the ability to produce and deposit seed daily that spring forth new life. (Gen 1:28)

5. I see and know that you need help to carry the vision. (Gen 1:28, Gen 2:18, 22-24)

6. I know the authority behind your voice brings change in the atmosphere. (Gen 2:19-20)

7. I know the power of your presence or lack thereof causes change in the environment. (Gen 2:5)

8. I see the burden of your heart to meet the expectations. (Gen 3:6, 12, 17)

9. I know that you desire to be the best man you can be but may not know how to be the best. (Gen 3:6, 12, 17)

10. I see your desire to lead but the need to be affirm. (Gen 3:16, 17)

11. I must understand that my desire does not supersedes your will or authority. (Gen 3:6)

12. I see that you have a great responsibility to lead, guide, direct, and shape everything around you and that deserves respect. (Ephesians 5:33, 1 Peter 3:1)

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